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Personal Information:
  • The Software Andina Web Site collects no personal information for itself or 3rd parties.
Cookie Usage:
  • The Software Andina web site uses cookies for the following:
    1. A permanent cookie is used to save the last used language.
    2. A temporary in memory cookie is used for session context.
    The web site will continue to function even if you disable cookies in your browser but may be a bit annoying continually switching to English as you navigate the site.
  • Standard analytics data is aggregated in order to analyze the site's usage. This information can contain the following:
    1. Browser/Version.
    2. Location.
    3. Operating system/Version.
    4. Time of day.
    5. Duration on site.
    No personally identifying data is collected or maintained.
  • The Software Andina web site allows you to send us an email and submit a support request. This is equivalent to sending an email and is initiated by the visitor. No database is kept of people who have communicated with us.
Data Retention:
  • As no data us collected, no data is retained.
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  About Us  
Software Andina was initiated in 1999. We are an international software development company with presence in Atlanta Georgia in the US, Lima Peru and Cochabamba Bolivia.
Primary activities over the years include:
  • Software development team augmentation utilizing near-shore resources.
  • Software QA resources.
  • Augmentation of in-house software development teams.
  • Augmentation of in-house DevOps teams.
Developing insanely great software continues to be our passion.

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Software Andina - Passion for developing software